executive staff

  • Jamey Healy

    President & CEO
  • Robert E. King

    Operations Advisor
  • Barbara Burbank

  • Claire Iozzo

    Office Manager
  • Paul Arcario

    Maintenance Director
  • Cathleen Miller

    Construction/Asset Manager

corporate office

  • Leonardo Argueta

    Executive/Property Manager Assistant
  • Angela Moye

    Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

property management

  • Sherise Punter – Region 1

    Senior Property Manager
    MLK, Stillwater Heights & Belltown
  • Abel Campbell – Region 2

    Senior Property Manager
    Friendship House, Mission Taylor, Marshall Commons & The Atlantic
  • Melanie Navarro – Region 3

    Property Manager / Tenant Advocate
    Elmcrest Terrace & Samuel's Court
  • Lola Robinson – Region 1

    Assistant Property Manager
    MLK & Stillwater Heights

tenant advocate/resident service coordinator

  • Paula Ditimi – Region 1

    Resident Services Coordinator / Tenant Advocate
  • Vonda Pommills – Region 2

    Tenant Advocate

maintenance staff

  • Omar Perez

    Maintenance Technician
  • Oscar Varon

    Maintenance Technician
  • Brian Dimmock

    Maintenance Technician
  • Jeffrey Silpot

    Maintenance Technician
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