In an area grappling with one of the nation's most enduring challenges regarding affordable housing, NNI is on a mission to forge sustainable communities. Through the creation, redevelopment, and maintenance of high-quality housing, NNI aims to fortify the well-being of families with modest incomes, enable seniors to age gracefully, provide a foundation for those who were once homeless, and furnish all residents with prospects to achieve their aspirations.

Amid Stamford's groundbreaking urban revitalization in 1967, the Council of Churches and Synagogues took the initiative to establish New Neighborhoods, Inc. as an autonomous and secular nonprofit organization under section 501c(3). Since its inception, New Neighborhoods, Inc. has consistently undertaken the task of building, safeguarding, and overseeing homeownership and rental properties spanning low, moderate, and middle income brackets. This effort ensures that Stamford remains a thriving environment for residence, labor, and commerce. After five decades of dedicated service within Stamford, NNI has broadened its scope to encompass the entirety of Connecticut, with special attention given to Fairfield County.

New Neighborhoods, Inc. firmly believes that secure and respectable housing serves as the cornerstone upon which individuals can commence constructing improved lives for themselves and their families. Through synergistic collaborations with allied organizations, NNI acts as a driving force, emboldening residents and homeowners to ascend the socioeconomic ladder and take on a more engaged role in the community.

As the trailblazer in low and moderate income housing across Fairfield County, NNI boasts a more diverse range of housing options than any other nonprofit within Connecticut. This includes cooperative housing, condominiums, family-oriented rentals, senior citizen apartments, both high-rise and low-rise buildings, property rehabilitations, preservation efforts, conversions, innovative constructions, and modular designs. The future holds exciting possibilities as NNI persists in its commitment to construction and development.

As a non-profit housing developer New Neighborhoods, Inc. appreciates generous donations of financial support and in-kind services from individuals and businesses. To make a donation, or learn more about how your contribution can help support our work, please click the donate button.